October 2, 2009

The Crafty Sun Came Into Play

     about halfway through the shoot. It only took half an hour of carefully positioning the lens on the ground to capture water drops on wood (which I later found out, all the pictures of this were unfocused and hidden in shadows) until some real material revealed itself. 
     The lake was now silver and sun dropped a quarter way in the sky, sending diamonds on the glassy surface only to be interrupted with twig studs and small splashes of fish tails and the presence of falling leaves. Griff had soon gotten a chills and we did eventually have to go inside, but some nice shots had been captured.

     Song playing, Mona Lisa by the All American Rejects.

 Here's another pity there's another chance
Try to learn a lesson but you can't.
If we can burn a city in futures and in past,
without a change our lives will never last.
Cause' we're going fast.

You can sit beside me when the world comes down, if it doesn't matter, then just turn around.
We don't need our bags 

And we can just leave town.
You can sit beside me when the world comes down.

     And photos in the sun, Breakin' by the Rejects once again.
  Hold on tight. Wrap your arms around me
Till your knuckles are burning white. 
All your tears couldn't match the bitter taste
Of all these wasted years

And you take, take everything
That wasn't even yours
Wait, wait. 
You don't have a hold of me anymore.

In a clear view there's a silhouette
And I watch you and I can't forget
Knew we were done when you locked that door
Yeah I figured it out now
Breaking's what the heart is for.