Well, here goes nothing, Ren.

   Hey there. Some of you know me personally, some of you don't. This is Take Two of what I attempted to do the last time I pressed a button and made a site. Since that last try, I've definitely learned more about myself and what I'm like and what you're like too. And since then I've picked up a new hobby.
   So, this has nothing to do with Mozart... or tae-bo. At all. Sorry to get your hopes up. That is a line from a song I love right now by Train and it's one that is always playing while I photograph. Always, always, always. Drops of Jupiter is always playing. 
    Music has inspired me since I heard that lovely ballad, to wake up at the crack of dawn and wade in disgusting pond water and drop a pearl into a glass of cranberry juice forty three times to try to get a perfect shot. I've collected so many pictures in so many settings that I thought I may as well share them with you all. Maybe you'll find some inspiration too.